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IGame Interface

This interface represents a Game that is used in LaunchBox/Big Box.

Namespace: Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data
Assembly: Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins (in Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.dll) Version:
XMLNS for XAML: Not mapped to an xmlns.
public interface IGame

The IGame type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAggressiveWindowHiding 
Public propertyApplicationPath 
Public propertyBackgroundImagePath 
Public propertyBackImagePath 
Public propertyBox3DImagePath 
Public propertyBroken 
Public propertyCart3DImagePath 
Public propertyCartBackImagePath 
Public propertyCartFrontImagePath 
Public propertyClearLogoImagePath 
Public propertyCloneOf 
Public propertyCommandLine 
Public propertyCommunityOrLocalStarRating Gets the star rating or community star rating depending on the user's community star rating settings and whether or not this game has a star rating set.
Public propertyCommunityStarRating Gets or sets the community star rating value.
Public propertyCommunityStarRatingTotalVotes Gets or sets the number of community star rating votes.
Public propertyCompleted 
Public propertyConfigurationCommandLine 
Public propertyConfigurationPath 
Public propertyDateAdded 
Public propertyDateModified 
Public propertyDetailsWithoutPlatform 
Public propertyDetailsWithPlatform 
Public propertyDeveloper 
Public propertyDevelopers 
Public propertyDisableShutdownScreen 
Public propertyDosBoxConfigurationPath 
Public propertyEmulatorId 
Public propertyFavorite 
Public propertyFrontImagePath 
Public propertyGenres 
Public propertyGenresString 
Public propertyHide 
Public propertyHideAllNonExclusiveFullscreenWindows 
Public propertyHideMouseCursorInGame 
Public propertyId 
Public propertyInstalled 
Public propertyLastPlayedDate 
Public propertyLaunchBoxDbId 
Public propertyManualPath 
Public propertyMarqueeImagePath 
Public propertyMaxPlayers 
Public propertyMusicPath 
Public propertyNotes 
Public propertyOverrideDefaultStartupScreenSettings 
Public propertyPlatform 
Public propertyPlatformClearLogoImagePath 
Public propertyPlayCount 
Public propertyPlayMode 
Public propertyPlayModes 
Public propertyPlayTime 
Public propertyPortable 
Public propertyPublisher 
Public propertyPublishers 
Public propertyRating 
Public propertyRatingImage 
Public propertyRegion 
Public propertyReleaseDate 
Public propertyReleaseType 
Public propertyReleaseYear 
Public propertyRootFolder 
Public propertyScreenshotImagePath 
Public propertyScummVmAspectCorrection 
Public propertyScummVmFullscreen 
Public propertyScummVmGameDataFolderPath 
Public propertyScummVmGameType 
Public propertySeries 
Public propertySeriesValues 
Public propertyShowBack 
Public propertySortTitle 
Public propertySortTitleOrTitle 
Public propertySource 
Public propertyStarRating Gets or sets the star rating as an Integer value. Deprecated; please use StarRatingFloat instead.
Public propertyStarRatingFloat Gets or sets the star rating as a Float value. Should be used instead of the original StarRating property.
Public propertyStartupLoadDelay 
Public propertyStatus 
Public propertyThemeVideoPath 
Public propertyTitle 
Public propertyUseDosBox 
Public propertyUseScummVm 
Public propertyUseStartupScreen 
Public propertyVersion 
Public propertyVideoPath 
Public propertyVideoUrl 
Public propertyWikipediaId 
Public propertyWikipediaUrl 
Public methodAddControllerSupport Add a controller support record to this game
Public methodAddNewAdditionalApplication 
Public methodAddNewAlternateName 
Public methodAddNewCustomField 
Public methodAddNewMount 
Public methodConfigure 
Public methodGetAllAdditionalApplications 
Public methodGetAllAlternateNames 
Public methodGetAllCustomFields 
Public methodGetAllImagesWithDetails Gets details on all images that are associated with this Game in the user's collection, including image path, image type, and region information.
Public methodGetAllImagesWithDetails(String) Gets details on all images of a particular image type that are associated with this Game in the user's collection, including image path, image type, and region information.
Public methodGetAllMounts 
Public methodGetBigBoxDetails 
Public methodGetControllerSupport Gets all the controller support records for this game
Public methodGetManualPath 
Public methodGetMusicPath 
Public methodGetNewManualFilePath 
Public methodGetNewMusicFilePath 
Public methodGetNewThemeVideoFilePath 
Public methodGetNewVideoFilePathObsolete.
Public methodGetNextAvailableImageFilePath 
Public methodGetNextVideoFilePath 
Public methodGetThemeVideoPath 
Public methodGetVideoPath(Boolean) 
Public methodGetVideoPath(String) 
Public methodOpenFolder 
Public methodOpenManual 
Public methodPlay Launches the game. Does not use the startup screen or any other part of the launching process other than simply launching the game. If you're looking to use the whole process with startup screens, please use PluginHelper.LaunchBoxMainViewModel.PlayGame or PluginHelper.BigBoxMainViewModel.PlayGame instead.
Public methodTryRemoveAdditionalApplication 
Public methodTryRemoveAlternateNames 
Public methodTryRemoveCustomField 
Public methodTryRemoveMount 
Public methodUpdateTitleAndMigrateMedia This will allow you to rename the game as well as all associated media
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